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Sandy Waugh - Bowen Therapist

I have lived in St Peters for over 16 years, first studying Bowen in 2000 and gaining my level 2 certificate in 2001.

After qualifying I began practicing on family and friends while I started my Equine Bowen studies. First with Alli Goward in Eumundi Qld and later with Jenny Pearce in Tanjil South Vic., and included Small Animal Bowen at that time. My full time practice then began in St Peters in 2002.

I have also been attuned to Reiki from Karen Workman of the Gendai Reiki School.

I first discovered Bowen whilst in a a catering business with my partner and I quickly realised that it was a profound and amazing healing tool. It enabled me to keep going at the intense pace that catering demands, untill it was time to change direction.

All my life, I have used herbs and natural remedies whenever I could for my animals and myself, so when the time came to make a change in life, it was a natural progression into the alternate healing world.

Thus I began my journey with Bowen Therapy.