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Bowen Therapy - how it works

Bowen is a healing modality that interacts and works with your body's natural healing ability.

The technique involves a series of small, non-invasive moves over muscles and tendons, using fingers and thumbs only, and very light pressure. The vibrational signals sent with these moves, via the autonomic nervous system, allow your body to re-focus and strengthen its efforts, resetting the muscles, balancing and renewing.

With each move, Bowen works on many levels at once (surface fascia, deep muscles, organs and meridians), making it a truly holistic treatment. It is a simple, gentle, yet POWERFUL healing tool that encourages the body, mind and spirit to repair itself.

The simple application of Bowen makes it a perfect treatment for ALL ages from infant to the advanced years and is excellent for the infirm.

Some of the responses are immediate, but most of the healing takes place as the body reacts to the Bowen signals and this can take a few days. A Bowen treatment is active in the body for a week or a little longer, with the first five days the most active.

Bowen is also enjoyed as a wonderfully relaxing session for mind, body and spirit.