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Over several years I have had Bowen treatments from Sandy for various physical problems. These problems have cleared after two or three sessions and I benefit greatly from Sandy's care.

I wish I had not moved so far away from her very gentle and able hands.

Nancy Rangi

A few years ago, I had an ache in my arm that had become quite debilitating. Two visits to doctors and two further visits to specialists were unable to find the cause or to prescribe anything that alleviated the condition. It went on for something like two months. I don't believe in magic and I'm sceptical of most things alternate, and would not have thought to seek Bowen therapy for the problem, except that Sandy is a personal friend and when she offered to try her technique on me, I figured I had nothing to lose. The whole procedure was so gentle and subtle that it was hard to imagine it having any effect at all.

The next day after the treatment, I realised my arm was a lot better. I had a follow-up treatment the next week, and the morning after that, the ache in my arm had completely gone. Coincidence? Would it have gotten better by itself? I don't know. I do know that the pain was real, and after Sandy's gentle healing techniques, the pain went away.

Sandy has real healing power, even though I can't understand or explain how it works.

David MacGregor